Friday, March 13, 2015


Someday, I will wake up on my own time without any fingers poking in my eye.

Someday, I will finish a meal without encouraging anyone to stay seated.

Someday, I will go to the grocery store with no concern over anyone's sleep times.

Someday, I will get the groceries put away completely on the first try.

Someday, I will talk with my best friend and not have to give attention to anyone else.

Someday--but not today.

Thank you Lord that it's not today!

Today is for early snuggles, kisses and tickles.

Today is for laughter and reading all the books.

Today is for painting and splashing and messing.

Today is for watching, learning and praying.

Today is for sharing and napping on laps.

Today is for rejoicing and loving today.

Today is the best day because it exceeds our expectations and fulfills more than we're promised.

Thank you Lord for 'Someday' but thank You even more for today.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I woke to disbelief.
I asked to know it wasn't true.
What I had heard could not be real.
There's no way it could be you.

The life of every party.
The cheer along the way.
It seems so unbelievable,
The world lost you today.

I see people smiling
and I want to scream and shout
'Don't you know there is a friend
I have to live without?!'

The laugh. The smile. The lipstick.
The jewelry and the hair.
I close my eyes and open
hoping to see you standing there.

As beautiful a person
as one could ever be.
I'm honored of all people
you shared your love with me.

Diamond rings, the circus
that big ole' awesome van.
Singing 'Wind Beneath My Wings'
as only Marley can.

Nap time trouble makers,
dreams of your name in lights
Talent shows and tugboats,
crazy sleepless nights.

Laughing during spelling tests
and getting reprimands
Crab costumes and sickness
Only you will understand

The day the world stopped turning
you sang the anthem proud
trust in God would heal our hearts
fear was not allowed.

Graduation day, we did it!
Friends for 14 years
Kept in touch through college
happiness or tears

Busy lives and emails
catch ups over dinner
deciding which guys we should dump
and which ones were a winner.

We've been there for it all.
we've searched in life for place
now Songbird you have found yours
in the presence of His face.

Loving, trusting Jesus
your Savior and your Love.
Getting now to meet Him
and sing with Him above.

My Marley, yes you've left us
but we all know the deal
You've found out what you knew was true
Heaven is for real.

Our friendship has not ended,
the memories replay.
We'll laugh the same as we always have
when I meet you there one day.

25 years of friendship...I'll keep counting. :)  Love you so much and hope I make you proud.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

You're gonna hear me....


That is what Brennan has learned recently and this is exactly what prompted our first trip to the zoo.

I had urges to take him ever since he was born but I knew that there was no way that he could really enjoy it. With his aunty Em coming from Australia, I thought it was the perfect time to see what he would think.

Jared, myself, Emma, Brennan and our dear friend Abby headed down to Wellington last weekend.

Brennan became a champ at standing on his tippy toes to see animals!
This was an Australian in Nemo. This animal was huge!

Nothing like a fatalistic sign to make you keep an eye on your kid!

Me and my boy. :)

 What do you do to a meerkat? Poke it of course.
When we went to see the chimpanzees, we got a real treat! This was the cutest chimpanzee family I had ever seen!

Then there was this guy...
who was creepy. I am sure he comes by it honest.

Towards the end, Brennan was getting a little tired. He had been all wrapped up because it was so windy. (In Wellington? Shocker!)
He looked like a little Russian babushka when he gave me this face. I expected him to bust out with a Robin Williams "oy! was such a shander!"

Maybe it is me but the scariest part of the zoo was the Neighbours Exhibit. It is where you find all sorts of animals from Australia. The kangaroos roamed ABSOLUTELY FREE. No fences. As we were headed up the path to leave, this dude was giving us the evil eye.
I had to pass him quickly and was told not to make eye contact. (thanks em!)
As we exited, there was a family coming in the other way. I told this big burly man to watch out for the emu right by the door on the other side. When he saw it, he looked like he might cry!

We had such a good time.
There is a way to spend the night at the zoo close to the lion enclosure.
Not sure if that is for me but watch this might happen soon!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Losing the balloon.

I have vivid and weird dreams.
They range from being friends with Bill Cosby to Dr. Phil challenging me to a wood chopping contest. (I have NO idea.)

I am more than certain that Jared gets tired of hearing my detailed stories that go on for what seems like an eternity.

But sometimes, I have important dreams.

Last Thursday night, I had one of the best, yet most soul shakingly terrifying dreams of my life.

There was a big crowd around and I could see quite a few people with balloons tied to their wrists. I had one on mine and Brennan had one on his. Jared wasn't there but I am going to assume he had one too.

All of a sudden, we heard the loudest noise I had ever experienced. My knees were literally being pulled to the ground. It was so real that I can still feel that part.

My heart absolutely burst with excitement and joy as I realized that Jesus was coming back! I was so ready and there are really no words to describe the emotion that I felt!

Instantly I knew that those people with balloons on their wrists, were the ones that were going to Heaven. (I'm assuming they help us fly? :) I looked at my wrist and admired my balloon that I knew I did not deserve but I was so glad that I had it!

Then I looked to my right. Brennan was standing there and he had lost his balloon! He was crying the way any kid does when they lose a balloon but I knew this one was much more vital to his happiness. I was devastated! I knew he had it! The last time I looked, he had it! When did it fly away? What caused it to come undone?

I quickly untied my balloon and tied it on his wrist. I felt at peace. I woke up.

When God blessed me with Brennan, I promised Him that I would love, protect and teach him. I promised that I would do everything within my power to get him ready to return to his Father. Yet, in this dream that can parallel life, I had forgotten to pay close attention. The last time I had checked, he had that balloon on his wrist, but I didn't keep checking.

I don't want my life to mimic this dream. I don't want to look around me on Judgement and notice I never realized Brennan had lost his salvation. I can't do as I did and forfeit my salvation to save him.

Let's pretend that our salvation does look like a balloon on our wrist. How many do we know who don't even have one? How many of our brothers and sisters are having their balloon slowly untied by the Enemy? How do we keep it tied tightly so that there is not even a chance of it being loosened?

We can't become distracted. We can't forget to teach our kids that God IS REAL. That knowledge, faith and obedience tie us to Him.

We have to keep checking.

Don't be willing to ever let Him go.

Friday, December 6, 2013

happy birthday Brennan!!!

so's been over a month since I posted.
Life has been crazy ya know?

Family came in the middle of November! We had a vacation at the beach, the volcanic lake, birthday party, train ride, Thanksgiving, Christmas, swimming, swinging and haka 'ing' all over the North Island.

I have finally gotten things together enough to post about Brennan's party. My dad has some of the cake on face pictures so I am sure I will update with that soon.

Brennan was showered with more presents than he could even open! As a matter of fact, he wasn't really into opening them at all but he did find a book from our next door neighbors that he loved and read immediately. In the last two weeks, he has investigated every single toy and hugged and kissed them all. We are really grateful for all the gifts but more than that for the fact that some people traveled over 2 hours to come and celebrate with us! (and some internationally!)

Brennan had a robot party. Here is his cake. I loved it.

Pizza Hut was on speed dial. I told everyone one piece of pizza and then realized I had ordered enough for everyone to have...four. Oops. We had pizza for days!

When I went in to wake Brennan up that morning, I said 'Do you know what today is?' and I promise you he said 'Hap Birtday!' I have it on film somewhere.

Here is the main event. I think he knew exactly who the star of the show was! haha.
I wasn't willing to mess up his robot shirt but I promise, he does have a diaper on!

We are so thankful for our family and friends and for our healthy one year old!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ladies Challenge 2013 'Happy If'

Wow! I haven't posted for four days. You are welcome. haha.

Just an update on Ladies Challenge.

Many of you have been praying for the weekend to go well and for all involved to have safe travels and a good time. I must let you know that those prayers were heard and answered.

We had a wonderful time with the ladies. I felt like this year, really got to spend time with the ladies and got to know them better. Last year, you could have rolled me down the street because I was 39 weeks pregnant. I wasn't really into socialization at that point!

There were several speakers who hadn't spoken before and to tell you the truth, I was impressed. They had obviously spent some time in thought and prayer about their lessons.

I am glad and sad at the same time that the Ladies Challenge for this year is over but I am excited to start planning for next year soon.

You need to be informed about the awesomeness of the ladies that I have the privilege of knowing in Palmerston North. I am so thankful for them and the example that they have set for me.

Some have asked for the poem that I wrote and used in my lesson. I thought I could post it here and then you could find it whenever you wanted! Pictures to follow soon!

Happy If...

Happy if I'm breathing
Happy if I'm loved
Happy with my blessings
from the Lord above

Don't worry 'bout tomorrow
for it has cares all its own
Happy simply knowing
I don't walk this road alone

My God is walking with me
and He likes to see me smile
but He knows the things this world can give
won't make it all worthwhile

I need his hand to guide me
from a terrifying cliff,
I tread the edge by thinking
I'd be happy only if...

Happy if I'm richer
Happy if I'm poor
Happy if I had much less
Happy if I'd more

The only way to happy
is to look to God's own Son
and realize He'd still die for me
if I was the only one

Content has overwhelmed me
I know the answer is
the only 'happy if' should be
'Happy if I'm His.'

Rachel Kyle
Palmerston North, New Zealand


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I fell asleep last night before posting and to be honest it was the best sleep I have had in a while. By the time I get my housework done and turn on my computer to write my blog, it is ten o'clock. Then I have a hard time shutting off my brain and stay up entirely too late. I am really considering only posting once a week because of all the craziness coming up. Most people won't mind me keeping my mouth closed 6 extra days a week! :)

Today in New Zealand (and at this moment in America too) is my niece's birthday.

She is four years old today and it is hard to believe that time has passed so quickly.
I remember seeing her and holding her for the first time. I hoped she would think I was important to her and I knew that she would be important to me.

This kid has got to be one of the smartest, funniest and most creative little girls I know. She loves art, Scooby Doo, her brother and fishing and a million other new things that i will get to learn about when I see her in a little over two weeks (totally freaked out while typing that!) . She's

I am proud to be her aunt and so grateful that I lived 6 minutes from her for the first two years of her life. I love you MG! Happy Birthday! See you soon!

Some of these pictures are pretty old but they are favorites!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Wow! Today was fast!
Worship this morning was great. Kent had a great lesson and my dear husband gave a good conclusion to his lessons on the book of Jude.

We went to lunch with Carl and Adeline. This couple has taken care of us even before we moved here. They mean a lot to us. It was good for them to get to play with Brennan later in the afternoon. They had some things to take care of after lunch but we met up again to go and visit an elderly lady that can no longer make it to worship services.

Mrs. Winnie is a very sweet lady. This is the firs time I have met her and taking Brennan along was a good thing. She loves kids and they made each other smile.

Pardon the middle part on his hair, it was windy today and I guess that is how his hair got that way!

Carl and Adeline came to play for a bit before they had to go. Brennan needed some frozen blueberries because his sore gums were making him grumpy. That's why they are posing with his high chair. :) Jared said 'Smile' and this is the face our little cheeser made.

Good, busy, friend filled day.
This weekend is NZ Labour Day so Jared has a holiday tomorrow.
To the gardens we go!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

worlds collide

today it was as if two worlds collided!
I am in New Zealand and also listening to a very dear friend of mine share the story of Joseph with my new friends.

The ladies of Wellington held a high tea today and so Jared, Brennan, two of our awesome youth group girls and myself drove down today. Cindy Tatum was the guest speaker and it was wonderful to hear her lesson on Joseph.

Cindy Tatum and her son, Jeremiah, have been here for a few days.
Some looked at us weird when I came in and Cindy and I immediately hugged.
Most people probably don't know that i have known their family for a long time.

Jeremiah is a longtime friend of ours.
We all went to church together at Pulaski Street.
Cindy's daughter was the incredible secretary at Whitthorne where I used to teach and I even taught on of Cindy's grandsons when he was in sixth grade!

After the tea, we stopped to see Jeremiah and chatted for a while. It was so good to see them and spend quality time with them.
Cindy and Jeremiah finally got to meet Brennan!

We stopped for lunch at a cafe that I have always wanted to eat at. Outside, they have a petting zoo and so it was neat for Brennan to see the animals. (No these animals aren't served in the restaurant!) haha.

It was all in all a great and uplifting day spent with family and friends!

Friday, October 25, 2013

for the wife who has everything...

I look around at my life and realize how blessed I am.
I see the house, our food, clothing, and cars that my husband's used his God given talents to acquire,
and I know I am blessed.
Talk of Christmas has recently come up and lists are beginning to be formed.
I can think of a few things that I would like for Christmas, but if I didn't get them---I would be okay with that.

However, my friend Abby and I found something this afternoon that would be a perfect gift for the wife that truly does have everything.

Picture it.
A king mattress.
Just the box springs, base or bed frame.
A king mattress made of alpaca fiber.
And a mattress that has Swarovski crystals sewn onto the sides.
No joke--they sparkle!

It was brought to my attention that the only time these stones would be visible is while you are changing the sheets!

I'm sorry but if you are that desperate for a 'pick me up' when changing the sheets, hide a Snickers in your pillowcase!

Oh that's right--I didn't tell you how much this blinging beauty costs.



Let's consider that you may change the sheets once a week,
and each time you saw the shiny crystals was worth a dollar...
It would take you 230 years of bed making to get your money's worth!

If you own this mattress, I am by no means judging you.
I do have one question for you though.
Can I change your sheets?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

egg on the face

I enjoy Brennan every day but for the past few days, my joy has been increasing!
He always looks at me with that sly little grin or says 'oh thank you!' and makes sounds that sound like 'what?!'
He constantly has my laughing and tickling and running around on my knees like a little child. I LOVE this kid.
Today, I fixed him a spinach and egg omelet, with avocado and strawberries for lunch. I put it on his plate and went to fix my plate.
Literally seconds later, this is what I find...
No noise. No hint that anything was out of the ordinary. He had avocado in his ears, eggs on his face and his hair was sticking up in two places with egg hair gel...he looks quite pleased with himself don't you think?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

walking the walk

Today I am thankful for Todd O'Donnell's manuka honey in a cup of hot water with lemon.
It is amazing. So amazing in fact that I drink it when I am not even sick. When I am sick, it is especially amazing.

I am feeling better though. Today, Brennan and I spent most of the day asleep. I think he may be getting a bit of it because we slept a total of 5 hours during the day. I was so thankful that he wasn't going to fight me on that or keep me from sleeping.

When we were awake this morning, I was laying on the couch so that he could get some play time in. He decided he would play with the dvds (he's not allowed to) and I felt so bad at that point that I just let him play! Bad mom? nah...pick your battles. He also plucked out almost every single tissue from an almost full box and ripped it in half. Wasteful? nah...I still used them! haha.

The one thing that I am most thankful for today is the last 11 months. That's right folks...he is officially 11 months old today. Here are some things you may not know about my baby boy:

Favorite Foods: Avocado, chicken, hummus and crackers
Favorite Song: He's Sweet I Know
Favorite Toy: Stuffed kangaroo, monkey rattle and Giraffe ball popper
Favorite Animal: Duck
Favorite time of day: Bathtime
I can say: Mama, Dada, thank you, ho ho ho and some others upon request.


Introducing our newly mobile little man!
(pardon the snuffy nosed lady in the background and the fact that he whacks me in the head)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The weather has turned cold on us during my computer disaster. A cold snap is not what we really needed as it brings rain with it. I am a little sick from the quick change in weather. Sneezing all over the place. Brennan looked at me today and pretended to sneeze. It was hilarious.

We tried on his winter suit from his Auntie Leelee. While it hasn't been snowing or anything, I was going to let him wear that instead of a jacket and layers of pants...and socks that he would kick off in the middle of the grocery store. :) He didn't like it that it covered his hands, but when I uncovered them--he loved it!!
 Remind you of that kid from A Christmas Story?!
My little snow baby.
I'm headed to bed to try to sleep this sneezing away!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Tonight, we went down for a lovely roast pork dinner at our friend Jeana's house in Foxton. They also held the Foxton congregation mid-week lesson at their home tonight. It was nice to be out of the wind, out of the rain and gathered with friends to study God's Word.

Brennan's friend (and Jeana's son) Titus makes awesome clay figurines. When Brennan was born, he made a mama and baby turtle. For Christmas last year, he added the daddy turtle. When I came in tonight, he had created and amazing Christmas tree for us. I like to show these gifts off because Titus is such a caring and creative person and also because I am jealous that he is so awesome!

He challenged me to make something cool with clay. I made a pancake. Apparently, that wasn't impressive enough!

I kept trying. I handed him a footprint and even an ear but to no avail. I must make something cool.

So I finally created this...

Unfortunately, my fantastic creation was promptly attacked by his medieval warrior creation!

 Haha! Don't mess with me!

 ah!! sharp clay weapon to the head. Titus took the next few pictures which is why his warrior eventually conquered my sea monster. :(

I am glad that Titus thinks I am cool enough to play with and also that I can have an excuse to play with clay. I love good nights, good food, good fellowship and good friends!